Asset & Compliance Management 

Many organisations use different spreadsheets to record information about their assets making the management of important activities and reporting of asset compliance an impossible task.  AssetHQ is a cost effective, user friendly Asset Management platform that helps organisations effectively manage all aspects of maintenance works and safety activity required to meet regulatory safety compliance. 

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Bring all your valuable assets together into one central register and map each asset according to your organisational structure. Record all necessary information,  perform historical reports and measure compliance levels of all your assets. 


Using GIS satellite imagery and coordinates, you can locate the fixed location of assets on a map for quick reference. The asset location can also be set whilst staff are at the asset location, ensuring all assets are pinned to their exact location.


Link important documents such as technical drawings, instruction manuals, warranty documents, SOP’s and photos to related assets. Staff can easily find documents when needed and swiftly produce to auditors when  requested.


Set up automated Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) schedules.  Get notified prior to  maintenance being due so that spare parts can be checked and ordered in time.  Set alerts to ensure  maintenance activity is never missed, and easily view the history of all  maintenance carried out on each asset.


Log and manage work orders, defects, corrective actions. Alert staff when maintenance requests are logged or tasks have been assigned. Log utility usage and maintenance thresholds. Trigger skills based job routing to ensure jobs are assigned to the right person. 


Record all incidents, accidents and near misses. Easily spot patterns in when or how things go wrong giving early warning that something needs attention. Effectively review root cause to improve health and safety systems and proactively reduce risk to all employees and visitors.


Defects can be quickly  logged by engineers via the mobile app when on site. Nominated staff can also report defects or maintenance requests from their mobile phones. Managers can get notified to new jobs being reported


Ditch the clipboard and carry out paperless safety checks, saving time to update template inspection reports. Set automated schedules to flag when inspections are due so that no inspection is ever missed.


Store and manage all Health & Safety certifications in one place. Link certificates to related assets. Set notifications to flag when certificates are due and ensure safety certificates are renewed on time . 


Generate real-time reports using specific data filters.  Get a snapshot of jobs are still open or recently completed. Determine which assets have required the most work over the past year. From the Graphical Dashboard see how staff are performing against pre-determined targets 


Giving engineers to ability to view and update work orders remotely the mobile app can be accessed from any device  regardless of location. Engineers can gain access to all necessary information, and work  lists without having to return to the office to retrieve or print information 


Carry out electronic risk assessments and take action to control the risk. Flag hazards to staff prior carrying out any maintenance activity. Set ongoing reviews to reassess risk levels instilling a safety-first culture within your organisation.

AssetHQ on the Go!

With the AssetHQ mobile app for Anbdroid and iPhone you can log faults, update jobs and inspections on site. Use the device camera to log photos.