Ards & North Down Borough Council

Managing Council Assets with AssetHQ

Managing the compliance of all council assets is a tough ask on any council especially when always striving to do more with less. It’s therefor imperative that operations staff and managers have the right tools to manage workload, easily plan work schedules and quickly report on the compliance status of each asset.

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The Challenge

Having previously used an Access database to manage all council assets, the Properties & Technical Services teams at Ards & North Down Borough Council found the need to review the system as Access had fundamental problems that brought the following challenges:


Access databases were not user friendly, only those experienced in using Access could operate the system and so the need for continuous training proved time consuming and expensive


The Access system often gave problems when it was being used by more than one person at a time and so the need for a system that could be accessed remotely through a range of devices was crucial


Requests for maintenance/repairs could not be logged directly on the system by 3rd parties

The Solution

Ards & North Down Borough Council turned to the AssetHQ as the choice of Compliance Management Software to manage all planned and reactive maintenance jobs across the Property & Technical Services teams.

The council has used AssetHQ over the last few years to manage more than 30,000 maintenance jobs for the Property & Technical Services divisions. This includes the management, maintenance, and inspections of their properties to include Council Offices, Playgrounds, Community Services, Public Convenience, Leisure Centres, Cemeteries Car Parks, Harbours & Slipways and War Memorials

Why AssetHQ

The AssetHQ system continues to provide us with a range of software features to help us manage our assets. Users can log a works request, view utilities consumption and asbestos register and look up planned maintenance schedules. They can do all this this ( via smart devices and desktop PC) easily and efficiently and we can define user access to ensure only relevant data is seen by relevant individual operators.

We are now at the stage where our users are confident in using the database remotely, enabling them to receive “real – time” data at the touch of a button wherever they may be; thereby increasing our efficiency and reducing our reliance on paperwork.

IEB Software staff are on hand to answer any question s we may have. Quarterly meetings with their team assist us in requesting any updates or bug fixes that will help us ensure the software is being used to its full potential.

Peter Caldwell

Head of Assets & Property Services