McColgan’s Quality Foods

Stress Free Audits With AssetHQ

Whether preparing for major retail, BRC or HSE audits, the process can often be a stressful time for every manufacturing business. Being able to provide critical information at the touch of a button instantly demonstrates compliance to Quality & Safety Standards required by major retailers to enable their products to be sold on their shelves.

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The Challenge

With deep roots in the North West of Ireland, food manufacture McColgan’s take pride in their best in class facility in Strabane. Held in the highest standard of production quality every audit continues to inform improvement practices.

As part of an overall review of internal systems McColgan’s Quality Foods identified areas within the Maintenance & H&S teams where efficiencies could be made.


The organization wanted an easily accessible list of assets that could be efficiently maintained. They needed a system that efficiently kept records and help easily plan work schedules


Using a mix of paper based records and excel spread sheets was very inefficient.


Senior managers needed access to work related information when not on site.


The organization wanted a system in place to efficiently notify them of important activities such as when PPM’s or when inspections were due.

The Solution

IEB Software worked closely with McColgan’s Quality Foods to deploy AssetHQ, an Asset & Compliance Management system that would help them achieve the following business objectives:


Connecting teams centrally and enable joined up working and effective management of all Assets


Set up automated maintenance & Inspection schedules with a preset list of tasks to be carried out


Monitor and report on all maintenance work carried out on every asset to  inform operational process


Senior managers can now access all management information at any time from any location


Operators can update job records via the AssetHQ App using portable devices


Information is stored and communicated electronically, redcuing the impact and cost of paper consumption.

Why AssetHQ?

I liked the flexibility AssetHQ offered, it was also a simple to use system that has proven beneficial when training the team to use it
We now have one single place that all work requests are sent to and kept, instead of phone calls, emails, notes etc. Work can be planned and scheduled much quicker now, and the status of jobs is much more visible.

My team really like how easy the mobile app is to use. They can see exactly what work is planned for them and update job notes at the time of completion instead of filing out work sheets at the end of the shift. As a manager I have full visibility of what is going on even when not on site, which is critical in my role.

AssetHQ has helped take the stress out of audits and cut down the time that I spend with the auditor. Now that all the information I need is contained within AssetHQ I can instantly provide information on all our repairs, job history and certificates to the auditor in one meeting.

AssetHQ has exceeded our expectations and my whole team completely see the benefits of using it.

Jeff Lynch

Maintenance Manager
McColgan’s Quality Foods