What is Asset Management Software?

What is Asset Management Software?

asset management software

The world is moving faster than ever. 

For many people, in countless industries and sectors, the demands of the modern working environment are increasing, and the pace is quickening. None more so when trying to maintain the organisations assets to ensure a safe and healthy workplace for both staff and visitors alike. Keeping important information to ensure and prove Health & Safety compliance is a massive task for every organisation.

That’s where asset management software comes in to play.

Put simply, efficient asset management software should enable your team to record and track all necessary information and important activity about each asset within your organisation, in real time. This information should be accessible from any device by any member of staff no matter where they start work from.  This will enable efficient teamwork and ensure that important activities are carried out when they should be so that your organisation can easily prove compliance in line with legislation and make every audit a stress-free process. 

Given the extent of penalties and reputational damage that can arise from prosecution through Health & Safety breeches, the benefits of using Asset management Software can be profound for any business. We see it firsthand within ports authorities, food production, manufacturing, and local council organisations when they turn to AssetHQ to help them reduce the risks within their business.  

Excel Overload

It might be 2022, but we regularly see teams struggling to manage their  workload effectively. Having to manage more information than ever before and produce more reports in tighter deadlines reporting can often become an impossible task  when using  outdated information management methods such as paper forms and Excel.  

Every small team no doubt starts out with the best intentions. Maintenance, repairs, safety checks and more are typically laid out on paper or excel, but as your organisation grows and the demands of the busier workload creep in, these costly and time-consuming working methods should be replaced with more digitized working practices to enable seamless management of information and automated notification to important events or activities. Asset Management software will help organisations deploy more a proactive working approach replacing the firefighting approach experienced by all our customers when using paper and excel to manage important operations.  

Centralised Reporting

Not only will a centralised Asset Management system keep everything in one place, it will also remove the burden of reporting. 

When we have one system where all information is recorded everyone should be able to access real time information to give one version of the truth. We instantly remove the risks  associated with working in silos, where information may not get communicated properly, important activity can be missed, and several versions of documents can be in operation at any one time. By enabling one central point to manage asset related information an efficient management system such as AssetHQ can remove the endless time spent corelating reports and offer swift and accurate reporting  within a few clicks of login,  freeing up time for those producing reports. 

Instead of dreading the reporting process, you’ll get automated reports created instantly as and when you need them. 

Did we mention that the best asset management programs like AssetHQ, should be remote friendly? Via the use of our AssetHQ app, you or your team will be able to access vital information from anywhere  using whichever smart device works best for you. 

Life-Cycle Maintenance

Alongside all of that, asset management software will let you properly track the entire life cycle of the important assets within your organisation. 

Important details and insights will no longer be lost or hidden amongst old paper or excel documents. 

Instead, software solutions like AssetHQ will allow you to record and track all important details including maintenance, repairs, potential costs, location, new purchases, safety checks related certificates and more. All of this helps to avoid human error and ensure that you and your team know exactly where you are, at any given moment within the work year. 

Having the ability to see where your assets are within their life cycle, how reliable they are and how valuable or costly they are to your organisation based on downtime vs uptime obtained from maintenance records, gives every organisation a bird’s eye view on the efficiency of each asset to also help inform important operational decisions 

If you’re interested in how AssetHQ might be implemented into your organisation as an asset management tool, contact our team to book your free demo today. Click here to get started

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