What is a CMMS?

What is a CMMS?

What is a CMMS?

At a simple level, CMMS stands for a “computerised maintenance management system” and it’s something that we focus on every day here at IEB Software. 

If you manage maintenance teams in Local Government, Ports or Harbours, Manufacturing or other industry sectors, you may be required to implement a CMMS. This blog will give you a full breakdown of what it is, and how it might help within your organisation.  

What is a CMMS?

According to IBM a CMMS is “A computerised maintenance management system or CMMS is software that centralises maintenance information and facilitates the processes of maintenance operations.”

We’ll breakdown the specifics below, but the most important elements of a CMMS include the fact that it’s:

  • Computerised – for a digital world
  • Centralised – for ease of access
  • Maintenance management orientated 

What does a CMMS do? 

A CMMS is essentially a centralised, highly visible database which allows your staff members to track everything from work orders and inventory checklists, to the lifecycle of current assets. 

A properly implemented CMMS can help an organisation streamline their operations, identify pain points and possible new efficiencies, and ensure regulation and policies are adhered to in a timely manner. 

CMMS Benefits

The benefits of switching to a proper CMMS can be huge and instantaneous, post setup.

Businesses and organisations making that switch from paper to CMMS will regularly see benefits including reduced costs, improved workflows, higher efficiencies (especially when linked to reporting), and improved policy adherence (where relevant). 

All of the above sounds great, but let’s break down how, where and why exactly these benefits are a result of the switch. 


For many organisations, vital information can become siloed and inadvertently hidden from key team members. 

With a CMMS, everyone can be given access to the information they need, in one centralised hub. 


As we’ve previously highlighted, when discussing compliance management, every organisation will have a myriad of health and safety, policy and legislative regulation to navigate on a weekly basis. With a system of proper checks and balances, alongside proactive notifications, a CMMS ensures potentially serious mistakes aren’t made. 

Remote Access

With a digital or computerised system in place, team members can now access information on the go with remote access. This means that key staff members, such as those on factory floors or out on site checks, can access the information they need via smart devices and a few quick clicks. 

Automated Triggers

As we’ve highlighted, the power of automated triggers ensures that you’re no longer relying purely on a mixture of memory and highlighter markers on a paper calendar, or the Excel equivalent. 

By receiving targeted, automated triggers, you and your staff will be prompted in a timely manner to ensure important actions receive the required attention when needed. 

Hopefully this helps during your research process. 

At IEB Software, we help our clients solve these problems every single day. 

Our AssetHQ software specifically focuses on asset compliance and maintenance management. This helps their teams tackle all the asset, health and safety, regulatory and legal policy requirements you would expect in industries as diverse as food manufacturing, port and harbour management, local government bodies, and more. 

If you’re interested in taking the next step, book a free demo tour of AssetHQ here, or chat to our team here